Monday, May 21, 2012

Steam buns ( Bakpao )

It's raining almost every afternoon.. time for some warming snack :) steam buns can be filled with all sorts of filling : redbean, greanbean, chicken etc.. but this time we're doing the all time kids favorite.. Chocolate!!

Biang Bakpao :
250 gr terigu protein rendah
10 gr ragi instant
150 cc air

Bahan Adonan Utama Bakpao :
90 gr terigu protein rendah
60 gr tepung tang mien (bisa diganti dengan terigu protein rendah)
70 gr gula halus
1 sdm baking powder
¼ sdt amoniak kue (boleh tidak dipakai)
3 sdm air
50 gr mentega putih

Campur semua bahan untuk biang. Di uleni sampai tidak lengket di tangan ( kurang lebih 10 menit).
Diamkan biang selama 1 jam atau sampai mengembang 2 kali.
Masukkan bahan adonan utama ke dalam biang biang bakpao. Uleni sampai kalis.
Timbang adonan sebesar 20-25gr. Tipiskan, bentuk menjadi bulat. Letakkan isi bakpao ke tengah2x adonan.
Kukus bakpao selama 15 menit.

recipe source here

to make the "sharp skin" you just simply snip and make small cuts with scissor before putting it into the steamer

Mayra said it looks like a porcupine hehe.. I think they're happy with, you can just see it in their face, giggling while eating porcupine :D

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